Covenant Family are small groupings of church members who meet in their various localities and are led by trained and mature lay leaders in the church. Every member of the church is expected to belong to and attend the meetings of the family in his or her locality once a week. The meetings create informal settings where church members relate to one another on a more personal basis and also invite friends, believers and even the unsaved to enjoy fellowship and give some the opportunity to experience the saving knowledge of Christ in and atmosphere.
Families organise times of fun and fellowship and parties, where they “break bread” and share their testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. They also learn to pray for one another and in so doing deepen their personal love and care ministries.

Join a covenant family in your locality and be blessed and nurtured by the warmth of the smaller church unit as you develop your giftings and potentials.

Covenant families are currently operating at BARKING; THAMESVIEW, DAGENHAM, ROMFORD/HAROLD HILL, RAINHAM, GRAYS/PURFLEET, TILBURY AND BASILDON areas.  Call the church contact number to be connected to a Covenant family near you and the leader.