Samsung Tab for Kids
Published on August 27, 2013 by piqxel
Samsung is launching kids version of its latest Galaxy Tab 3. Is this for profit and sales purposes or do they simply understand that parents (particularly dads), don't like their children playing with theirs. Interestingly, it comes with full parental control, pre-installed age appropriate games & apps for kids, and brightly coloured to diferentiate from mum and dads. Is this the future of our young generation?
Some will argue, of all the news and health related issues for children, are these companies intrested? It's obviously a clear answer. I took my son to a birthday party the other day, and could not believe seeing about 8 kids sitting on the couch playing with tablets. What happen to the days of running around the garden, riding bikes, and staying out till you hear a call for dinner?
There's not much anyone can do about it now, due to the fast development of technology. Perhaps, embrace and take advantage of it's purpose for learning and developing the brain's response to the challenges of life. I am sure, somebody will find a solution to keeping kids active at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy tab for kids

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