MacPro: I Wait
Published on December 16, 2013 by piqxel


I woke up today with high hopes of seeing the new MacPro available on the Apple store. I was dissappointed but understanding at the same time. What are they wating for? Well, this machine is not really designed and built for regular use, and it will be insulting to see people buying it for that purpose. Why release it for christmas when it's manufactured for the high end industry, as stated in clear writing 'Built for creativity on an epic scale'.
I have a feeling Apple will release this on Boxing Day so companies and professional businesses will order in time for the new year. With the option to put it on finance, why not. Lets hope there will be a 4K display working its way up the pipeline. I will hold Apple, 'Good things comes to those who wait' (mind you, I've already cancelled my order for a high spec iMac twice).

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