LG take a lead on Curve
Published on December 15, 2013 by piqxel
You must wonder, what is the next challenge for Smartphone technology? Is the war for screen size over? Plans are in place for smart watch, see through phones, waterproof hardware and smart glasses. But the current competition is curved screen devices. LG have released the G-Flex curved at the top and bottom with a flexible battery and self-healing coating on the back (no matter what you do, it will return to it's shape).
It features 6" Gorilla glass curved POLED touchscreen, 13MP autofocus camera with LED flash, 2.1MP front-facing, 1080p video recording, 32GB (24GB available) and the usual extra most smartphones have.
The downfalls include no microSD slot, non-replacement battery, and if you're into capturing images, you'll be sad to know there is no optical image stabilization for the camera.
You are basically paying for the new curve technology, and years to come, you can say "I had the first curved smartphone", if that helps. I am sure the plans for further developments are in place.

LG G-flex phone

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